Taste of poetry ....

Let’s light another blunt 

Somebody pass me a cigarette or something

I know I’m laughing but I swear this shit isn’t funny . 

I come from a past of being tempted way too often 

A past of running wild and no one couldn’t stop me

You know I dont kno when to stop , you know I don’t know how to come down , 

I can’t calm down

I can’t turn up , turn me up 

Pour me anther cup 

That’s me calling , I kno you see it 

Baby please pick up

Drake in the background

Baby please say some

You know I do what I wanna

Say what I wanna

Anywhere I wanna go, I’m gonna.

You say I’m too open for you like I don’t see and hear about the bitches you fw too

You say I can’t handle you , you listening to everybody but me

Look in the mirror and see that’s me

Written all over , open up and let me bend you over

You stress me out but I still wanna stretch you out

I tell myself I should get over you but I know I'd rather be all over you 

Rather grind and feel on you 

Kiss and leave marks on all the places I used to.

You turning your back to me when Ive had your back. 

Pride is a mf ain’t ir? Ego is a bitch ain’t it . 

I confess my love , you shame it 

I give you my forgiveness but you blame me

Not this time . Don’t ignore these signs.

I’m here . I’ve been here this long . 

We did each other wrong .

You don’t pick up.

But I kno you waiting by the phone .

You won’t give me your address but you waiting by doors . 

Playing games . You playing games. 

What you gonna do ? I’m all yours .